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Whirl Wind of Activities


My goodness, these past two months have been very exciting for development in and around Winslow.

Early on in January, the City was awarded funding to repair our levee. This is a massive endeavor which will take years to accomplish, but is also extraordinary in the collaboration of stakeholders to advocate for the approval of just shy of 66 million dollars, to ensure our residents, businesses, rail and trucking are no longer in a flood zone. Read the full press release HERE.


Supporting our local entrepreneurs is of utmost importance. During the past 60 days, we have had a variety of webinars for small business development, regular meetings of our newly created Downtown Taskforce, several submissions to the Moonshot Pioneer Pitch and an in person visit from the SBA Prime program. With more support in the works, including a Pre Moonshot Q & A this March 11th, be sure to sign up HERE . There are a number of presenters in the line up for Moonshot, stay up to date for tickets to these FREE workshops, this coming April 8th & 9th by following the event page.

Additionally, we are pleased to be partnering with Arizona@Work Northeastern Arizona and Local First Arizona, using an employer led 6 step process called Talent Pipeline Management to address workforce challenges found in 3 industries this March 16th, at the Girl Scout House - be sure to sign up :

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

Winslow Roundtable


These past two months have also brought much interest in the expansion of businesses from around the region to Winslow, including the potential purchase and rehab of Old Main - stay tuned for more as we grow this relationship.

Also very exciting, we continue discussion with a Modular Home Manufacturer, who is interested in opening a new facility in Winslow. The owner and his team came to visit us in early January, and Mayor Cano and I, went to visit their first site, in South Carolina, earlier this month. We are in the next stage of dialogue, so if you are a municipality or organization needing housing, anywhere within a 4.5 hour drive of Winslow - we need to hear from you! Likewise, if you are a developer or contractor, who would like to learn more about how this facility can assist you with increased production, contact me today!

There is also a builder working with the City, to create housing and retail space in the open area South of Airport Road. Both of these projects will potentially bring hundreds of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their business.

With new developments along the i40 corridor, in our historic downtown, adjacent to NPC and south of the rail, Winslow is definitely having a bit of a renaissance.


I encourage you to follow our newly created FB page and Instagram pages. There is also a new website, which I am hoping to keep updated with job opportunities, buildings for sale or lease and other items of interest, including our local events calendar. You will also find a Moonshot Pioneer Pitch event page on FB, providing updates on workshops, sponsors, and those who have signed up to pitch their ideas. Are you interested, but unsure of your idea, do you have questions? Join me this March 11th, at the Winslow Chamber, where we will help you with your pitch idea, offer one on one help, and even assist with your video submission. Please RSVP to this event, HERE - It's FREE, so what do you have to lose?

There are a plethora of events coming up soon, be sure to check in with the community events calendar; in addition to the events listed above, you will find an indoor yard sale, a nursing career fair, a murder mystery, first time home buying and MORE- all happening SOON.

Have an idea? Have a suggestion? Help me, help you. This is a fantastic town, in an amazing region full of history, culture, folklore and heaps of outdoor recreation, you should be proud. There is a ton of opportunity here, let's collectively shake off the cobwebs for 2022 and beyond.


I look forward to hearing from you.

- Una

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