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Summer Activities


This summer is flying by – school is already in session, monsoons are daily occurrences, the farmer’s market is bursting with fresh vegetables and the “corner” is as busy as ever.

Clear Creek and Grand Falls are receiving more and more visitors every year, as are places like Homolovi, the Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest. This is all super for our local economy. Day trippers, those who choose to spend one night or several, are pumping tens of thousands of dollars into our tax base to use for things like parks and road upgrades. But that doesn’t mean our locals shouldn’t be enjoying festivities and events as well.

The Hopi Arts and Culture Festival is this coming August 27th and 28th in Flagstaff. A super opportunity for our local vendors as well as for those looking to learn more about our regional tribes. September 3rd brings a Bunco fundraiser for the newly created Winslow Beautification Committee as well as kicks off a long weekend for many. Attending Good Morning Winslow on September 7th is a great way to begin your month with the sharing of a plethora of regional upcoming events. Have you ever wanted to participate in solving a murder? Another fabulous fundraiser, dress the part in this Clue like reproduction of “who done it” on September 10th. Homolovi will have their monthly star party September 17th which is sure to be a pleaser for both locals and visitors alike. Standing on the Corner Festival takes on the weekend the 23rd and 24th and is always a huge hit. The month ends with the Just Cruis’n Car Show and Pedal the Petrified – a fantastic finale to a wonderful month of adventures for everyone.

More details can be found on our community calendar. There are a ton of local events listed every day, from Rotary Club meetings to Music Festivals. you can also find these details at the City of Winslow website and the Winslow Library.

- Una,

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