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With so much to see and do in the region, where do you begin? Do you have a favorite place to enjoy our incredible scenery? Do you have top picks when family or visitors are in town? Sure, we are always looking to market Route 66, our many artists and cultural heritage, as well as the infamous Standin’ on the Corner…but what about our numerous other incredible “touristy” things to do?

Sure, the Grand Canyon holds a lot of interest, as do the wonderful red rock trails in and around Sedona. The Navajo Nation holds numerous opportunities to ewwhhh and ahhhh – Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Chinle, just to name a few. The geological features of Northern Arizona have spellbound travelers from across the globe, so for those of us who live here, what do you like so show off?

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Petrified Forest, Walnut Canyon and Clear Creek, but at the top of my list for adventure, the Barringer Space Museum; also known as the Meteor Crater, where a 300,000-ton meteorite, hit what is now Northern Arizona, 50,000 years ago, creating a 500-foot-deep bowl, almost a mile across. Though this asteroid was relatively small in astronomical terms, at close to 150 feet across – its impact was tremendous. Our local attraction is the best-preserved meteor impact on Earth today – which means adventure and education during this fun day trip.

Nearby, another attraction, is the Sunset Crater National Monument. Though “crater” is used to describe both local oddities, this one was formed by a volcanic eruption about a thousand years ago. When this section of the San Francisco Peaks exploded, people lived in the area, and though we do not know precisely who they were, archeologists believe they were representatives of the Sinagua culture. These diverse and resilient people experienced massive growth directly after this explosion, with the adoption of new farming techniques, new architecture, and intensified interactions with other cultures to the South, like the Hohokam, located in the Phoenix Basin.

Historical reference, geological features, great places to hike, all perfect examples of amazing locations within a short drive. Offering our residents, a plethora of opportunities to share with visitors, or simply enjoy on our own. Looking forward to hearing about your suggested must – do attractions.

- Una,

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