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So Much to See and Do


What is the social, cultural, and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to places outside their usual environment for personal or professional purposes? Tourism! Here in Winslow, we know for a fact, during the pandemic year of 2021, individuals to the tune of 839,000 came into our entertainment district. We also know they only stayed for an average of 73 minutes. This means they had enough time to find a parking spot, figure out where the famous Corner is, take a snap or two, maybe purchase a souvenir and then depart. That is a whole lot of economic impact we are not tapping into. The longer visitors stay equals the more money which stays in our region from dollars spent on everyday items such as groceries and gas, as well as state tax revenues we receive from lodging and restaurants.

There are plenty of reasons to stay in our region for several hours or days. With a plethora of incredible options within a short drive. How many have you enjoyed? There is of course the Petrified National Forest, our local National Park, as well as our State Park – Homolovi; worth several hours, if not a full day at either or both. We are also happily the neighbor of the Barringer Meteor Crater. This facility is getting ready to undergo a multimillion-dollar upgrade, go now to enjoy the before and after. Not only educational, but heaps of fun for the entire family. Need to cool off? there is Clear Creek – spend the day paddling and forget you are smack dab in the middle of the desert. Nearby you have a plethora of options which can offer days if not weeks’ worth of adventures; The Grand Canyon, Mogollon Rim, Sedona, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly…not to mention smaller, less overwhelming options like Walnut Canyon, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Standin’ on the Corner, Picture Canyon, Grand Falls, La Posada, Route 66 and others.

As locals, knowing the vast resources which surround you, only allow you to be more passionate about the region you live, which will in turn help our numerous visitors fall in love with the area too. Don’t hesitate to say “hello” to those who are in town for the first time.

- Una,

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