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Rural Policy Forum


Every year, somewhere in Arizona, Local First ( puts on the Rural Policy Forum. This year, I am thrilled to say, Winslow has been chosen to host this 3-day event. August 3rd, 4th and 5th, we will have 350 leaders from around the State, enjoying a conference and the hospitality of the region. Some may arrive early, some may stay late, regardless of their chosen time commitment, this is a huge boon to our local economy and a great way to show off our regional assets.

Wednesday the 3rd will begin with an add on economic tour, where a group of 40 will experience the Winslow Tourism Office, Meteor Crater, the Lindbergh Airport, La Posada and Snowdrift Art Gallery. Directly after, the inaugural welcome dinner celebration will take place from 6 to 10 pm, on a closed down portion of Second Avenue (otherwise known as Route 66) in Historic Downtown Winslow; there will be live music, vendors, native dancers and more! Thursday and Friday will be filled with guest speakers from around the country with breakout sessions to facilitate rural towns across Arizona in leveraging their assets. The goals and outcomes from this event:

  • Increase the community capacity of rural towns

  • Improve regional collaboration between nonprofits, small businesses, rural employers, government, and public entities to enhance economic development

  • Build relationships and facilitate networking between rural stakeholders

  • Grow rural advocates

  • Develop new strategies for building resilient communities

As an added bonus, Thursday night will have a lovely dinner on the south lawn of La Posada, which can be purchased in addition to your event ticket. Friday night we are working with Homolovi Park to have a Star Party and for Saturday, not only do we have our regularly scheduled Mother Road Farmer’s Market, but also discounts on kayak rentals for Clear Creek and a Food | Art | Blues event, for those who choose to stay on for an additional day or two.

Are you interested in attending? Being a vendor or volunteer? Do you have a coupon or pamphlet you’d like to include in the welcome bags?

Please contact me at and be sure to follow @WhyNotWinlsow on FB and Instagram.

- Una,

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