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New Mural


Isaac Caruso is a professional artist, born and raised in Phoenix. Over the past decade, he has interacted with some incredible organizations, including the University of Arizona, Scottsdale Public Art, the National Endowment for the Arts and MORE. His work has been displayed during Coachella and Isaac has participated in a group show at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Art is a powerful way to express yourself and can even open doors around the globe, in Isaac’s case, art has taken him to distant locations such as Uruguay and the fjords of Svalbard far off in the Arctic Ocean. Why would Winslow be discussing this young man’s endeavors? Because he is here in town painting a fabulous mural. Even more exciting is this project is part of an illustrated children’s book, you can find here The idea being, one page will be found in cities and towns around Arizona, and now Winslow is one of those locations. I encourage you to come on down and take a look, the painting is about a block North of Standin’ on the Corner Park. This project will bring families into our region, as they seek out each of the 43 pages of the final project. Yes, I know, we already have a high number of tourists who regularly spend time on or near our famous corner, but the more folks who come, who spend money on a souvenir or lunch or even a room, equals tax dollars we can then use for facilities and infrastructure upgrades – everyone loves the new splash pad, right? Tax dollars helped us create this lovely bit of heat relief.

Sam and Sara is a delightful tale, which begins with a girl growing up in Phoenix. She dreams of wonderous and wild worlds – eventually creating a perfect universe where murals are portals between worlds of perception. Though this story line is still in a working draft form, you can download the story at as well as learn more about Isaac. Are you an artist who would like to be showcased? Let me know how we could potentially work together.

- Una,

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