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More Than Just Books


Do you have a library card? The bibliotheca is a cornerstone of most communities, large and small, across the nation, including here in Northern Arizona. Not only a great place to educate yourself with the works of such greats as Shakespeare, Hawthorne, and Dickens but also more recent authors such as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.

Sometimes these books for public consumption are found in unassuming locations amidst residential homes, other times, large glass structures taking up tens of thousands of square feet in the middle of an urban jungle. Regardless of the location, you will always find; courteous staff, books, magazines, movies, historic references, public access computers and wifi, as well as consistent quiet space – ideal for work and study, or even just a moment of Zen.

BUT libraries are so much more. They are a safe place to meet friends, provide gathering space for clubs, and provide a plethora of options to delight children of all ages. Here at the Winslow Library, you can even call in to have a recorded book, read to your child, so you can have a moment of peace while cooking dinner. More options abound, with monthly art projects, FREE to anyone who would like to join in. There are coordinated dance classes, after school tutoring help, and summer reading programs. Seasonal events happen as well with things like “make your own ornament” or introductions to four legged friends like dogs and miniature horses. Often partnering with entities like NASA and the Old Trails Museum. They even provide a recycling location for all your empty drink bottles and aluminum cans.

Our Library ensures that the community calendar is up to date and is always looking for new members to volunteer or make a financial contribution. These are relatively small sums of money, with children able to make a $1 contribution or $10 for families – allowing you to be a voting member as well as early access to book sales. Find them on Facebook at FOL Winslow, or at

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