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Moonshot Pioneer Pitch


Are you the type of person who thinks outside the box? Who believes in a product or service which either doesn’t currently exist, or does so poorly? Do you see discarded mushroom stems and think – hey! these could make a tasty vegan jerky? Entrepreneurs are the backbone of rural communities across the nation and the globe. Individuals with creativity, passion, and drive. You know your cooperative workspace concept will be a huge hit, you just don’t know how to put together a business plan, or need start up capital.

If you reside in Northern Navajo County, you are in luck! We have an event called Moonshot, coming this April 8th and 9th. Creative residents of Holbrook, Joseph City and Winslow should apply – it’s FREE and you can win cash and prizes. Go to and fill out your application. This is open to anyone with a viable business idea. It can be a business already up and running but wants to expand or pivot in another direction. It can be an idea you wrote on the back of a napkin while sitting at the bar. It can be your ever popular taco truck turned into a solid store front. Anything goes. Our region is ripe for entrepreneurial ideas, and now is a great time to get yours off the ground.

It’s easy - You submit your application, and then attend a two-day interactive event with workshops about entrepreneurial development and end with a pitch to a panel of judges about your product or service. Top 3 ideas will receive a cash payout to kickstart your idea, as well as an invite to pitch again for more money this June in Flagstaff. All entries, however, will be winners with the networking, marketing, and knowledge they will gain in the process.

I can’t wait to see what kind of Start Up ideas are in our region. Help me spread the word!

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