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Mobile Recycling


Did you know, there is an available job’s page, on ? I encourage any employers to email me with criteria and open positions, to either post as a link or a stand-alone announcement. Enticing individuals to stay in our community to work, to upskill our local labor force and to provide any educational requirements is of utmost value to expanding our economic footprint in the region. It is an employee’s market, and we need to do whatever it takes to keep them trained, excited to come to work, and paid a living wage.

Entrepreneurs are also our rural community’s backbone; these small and micro business establishments are not only worthy of our support but provide huge impacts to our local tax base which drive much needed services to our towns. As you may know, we had an event a few weeks back, called Moonshot. The winner of this event, Ralph Milholland, has a business called Mobile Recycling. Ralph may be a new business owner, but he is already looking for employees, with new locations signing up daily for his recycling services.

If you have exceptional customer service skills, can learn recording techniques as well as using your hands to break down appliances and use hand tools; if you can add and subtract easily without a register and enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a desk – this job may be for YOU. Earn between $60 - $100 per day based on performance and get a percentage of everything you do. Once trained you can potentially run the recycling yard and earn higher profits. Mobile Recycling is also looking for someone to build a pickup route by networking within the region and setting up container points. This will pay $60 per pound for cans and $20 for bottles, working in all areas like Joseph City, Holbrook, Happy Jack and more. You are not paid in getting new customers, but by the actual recycling material you pick up. These are wonderful opportunities. If you are interested, contact Ralph at .

There are numerous employment options in the region, locations like La Posada, Graceland Portable Sheds, our local Prison, the School District, City of Winslow and more. Some are 9 to 5, others are more flexible. A very exciting time for sure, for employees of all ages and skill levels.

- Una,

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