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Local Library


Winslow Library fundraising tree

Gathering places…what comes to mind in your community? Where do the locals go? Coffee shops? Parks? Clubs? My first answer will always be my local library; a magical space filled with incredible authors, amazing educational opportunities, a quiet space to finish that term paper, usable rooms for last minute meetings, a haven of local information gathering, the perfect spot to learn a new skill. Light and bright with comfortable tables and chairs, soft spoken librarians, spaces to lounge, cubbies to hide away, a safe and comforting spot for any time of day, any day of the week.

The Winslow Library is located in a small, well-loved, but ancient facility, in much need of an upgrade. More space, more books, more room for children, events, classes, computers, education…just MORE all around everything. Their quest and vision for an upgrade, has been continuous for decades, and possibly now, seems to be a bit closer to reality than a dream. With that vision in mind, there is currently a Go Fund Me Page as well as the ability to purchase really cool metal leaves, which you can monogram and will eventually be placed on really cool, “trees”, which will be placed around the City of Winslow. The fundraising page can be found here: as well as on the @WhyNotWinslow Facebook page. Every little bit helps. If you can spare $5 or $500, any and all dollars are welcome and will help grow the funds needed for the library build out, our community desperately needs.

Leaves on trees, you can buy yours for $300, as a generations long show of support for community. With three lines to etch, this price point can easily be shared with friends, family, colleagues…or for clubs, birthdays, anniversaries, or to celebrate life in any way. Images of the tree and leaves can be found on @WhyNotWinslow. By becoming a member of Friends of the Library (FOL) you are supporting a long standing, resilient group of not only readers, but community members who thrive on giving back to the region through education, summer reading programs, computer equipment and more. At a minimum, please be sure to follow FOL Winslow on Facebook, like and share their posts, this costs nothing, but goes a long way with sharing information. The summer reading program is in affect NOW – be sure to find your fish in local business windows around town for the next few months.

- Una,

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