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Local History


The history of our region could entertain and educate, if so inclined, for a lifetime. From harrowing tales of survival to the inception of flight, locally raised celebrities, and centuries of culture. The West has been coined around the globe as being rough around the edges, filled with those who tend to be adventurous and take the path less traveled. These are of course quite obtuse statements, but carry the overall sentiment of vast spaces, open ranges, and staggering scenery.

If you are so inclined to learn more about our regional history, the Old Trails Museum (OTM)is a great opportunity to expand on your local knowledge. Additionally, the Winslow Historic Society (WHS), who oversees the museum, is an exceptional opportunity to volunteer and share your enthusiasm for the region. In fact, this coming November 13th, WHS will hold their annual meeting from 2 to 4pm at the Winslow Visitor Center / Hubbell Trading Post (523 West Second Street, Winslow). This event is FREE, all are encouraged to attend. This year’s OTM historical calendar theme is “Winslow in the 1950’s”, so by all means, dress up for the festivities, partake in some light refreshments, perhaps win a door prize, renew your WHS membership {if applicable}, and share your love of history with OTM volunteers. You may in fact decide to donate some or your own time to this group, who over the year offer professional skills, host visitors, and help organize collections while being ambassadors for our community.

Old Trails Museum is a nonprofit organization; with the help of the City of Winslow, volunteers, membership dues, and donations, it is open from 10 to 3pm Tuesday through Saturday. Located less than a block north of the famous Standin on the Corner Park, it is in the heart of Winslow’s historic downtown, where parking is always free. The museum receives, preserves, and interprets information and artifacts representing the history and culture of the region and hopes to engage and enlighten visitors and locals with exhibits and programs throughout the year. For more information, peruse the website at or visit their Facebook Page, with the same name.

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