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When seeking employment in Northern Arizona, where do you look? Newspapers? Craigslist? Indeed? As much as I love the Tribune, classified ads have not been a thing for decades. Craigslist in rural areas can be hit or miss, while Indeed is global and geared towards very large businesses, tech or urban environments. Word of mouth certainly can work, you may see Help Wanted signs in windows occasionally and sometimes even Facebook can offer a promising lead – but you need to know what pages to pay attention to; just because you follow a business, does not mean their posts will show up on your news feed.

All is not lost however, because I am here to tell you, there are easily accessible answers to your regional job-hunting dilemma. We have a jobs tab on and encourage employers to reach out, to provide a link to their employment options, or even provide a flier to post within the site, for a one-off position. The Winslow Library is a wonderful resource during your quest; with computers, resume templates, paper for printing and staff to help your skill sets shine, this is a wonderful place to begin your search.

Additionally, you can sometimes find Career Fairs, which bring a large number of employers to one location, and then you, the job seeker, can interview the opportunities which fit into your lifestyle and background. Last week there was a large one at NAU in Flagstaff, and on the 8th there was a nursing specific job fair on the campus of NPC in Winslow. More importantly, Saturday the 19th from 10 to 3pm at the Winslow Chamber, you will find departments within Twin Arrows Casino, seeking employees for various roles. If a casino job is not your thing, mark your calendar for April 16th, when the Winslow Chamber will also host employers from around the region, who have open positions – a great way to spend the day talking to businesses and seeing what opportunities are available as well as what might be a good fit for you.

All the best in your search. There will be a lot more occasions to maximize your learning potential and income, here in the next few years.

- Una,

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