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Historic Route 66


One of the niftiest things which make Winslow and the region special = Route 66. The Mother Road, as it is referred to, travels between Illinois and California. A shared heritage of historic locations spanning 8 states across the US, including Arizona, and our very own Winslow.

From downtown Chicago to the beaches of Santa Monica, this road trip is worthy of short, day trips or months long adventures. There are numerous Route 66 clubs, with special cars, motorcycles or simply the love of history, which explore sections throughout the year, representing organizations from the US, UK and Australia, as well as Germany and Japan. There is as special “je ne sais pas” about this route, which brings people together, and ties us to a special time in our past, a simpler time where neighbors regularly interacted. Sitting on the porch over a tall glass of lemonade or at the local diner, telling stories, took up much of the American past time in years gone by.

Fantastic stores, art displays, quaint motels, geological features, national parks, and unique towns bind 2,448 miles together, weaving in and out of rural and urban environments. Here in Winslow, Holbrook and Joseph City, we see the daily interaction of these explorers every day of the year. Taking photos at Jackrabbit, staying in Wigwams, or reminiscing around Standin’ on the Corner Park. For those of you with businesses along the infamous Route 66, there are grant opportunities to tap into for improvements on your store front, by adding signage or an art installation, painting or improved seating. Be sure to follow #WhyNotWinslow for updates on how we, as a community, can work together and collectively apply for funding to improve both the local and tourist experience while exploring this incredible piece of history, running through our towns.

My Christmas Wish to all, is a healthy and happy, festive holiday filled with cheer, as well as collaborative initiatives going into the New Year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and be part of the dialogue.

- Una,

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