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The word is out, HGTV is a frequent visitor around the Winslow community, filming segments for the summer release of #hometownmakover. They were at both Bojo’s and the Sipp Shoppe just the other day, causing quite the stir. Perhaps the knowledge of being on national television is incentive for residents and businesses to tidy up their own locations. Though these segments will not air until next summer, now is a perfect time to make improvements on your location.

Many upgrades are as simple as taking time to remove clutter and weeds; and don’t cost anything but your time. The City of Winslow has several policies relating to property upkeep, and though they may not be enforced, not complying is still against local code. I encourage everyone to do right by your neighbors and fellow citizens. If you are elderly or with health conditions, please contact me so we can put a plan in place to help you.

Other improvement projects come with associated fees, things like awnings, signage, flowerpots, and other beautification measures. If you are a business in the historic downtown along 2nd and 3rd, YOU are in luck! There is a façade improvement grant you can apply for. This has been around longer than the pandemic and certainly prior to being chosen for HGTV’s community freshen up. The application is short and easy, you can find it on the City of Winslow website as well as which should be up and running by mid-month.

I am also working on organizing funding for the residential community and businesses around the rest of town too, with access to low or no interest loans and grants to freshen– porches, fences, awnings, signage and garden areas. Stay tuned and be sure to follow #WhyNotWinslow on both Facebook and Instagram for updates.

- Una,

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