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FREE Small Biz Workshops


This week will be incredibly exciting – Spring weather, bringing warmth and for many of us, increased allergies with the abundant blooming around the region; but also, a visit from the Army Corps of Engineers, to tour the City of Winslow and see first-hand the damage our lack of a viable levee has had on our community. Though this is not a public event, it is one to be recognized for its significance to Northern Arizona, as we move forward down the path of fixing this massive infrastructure challenge.

April 8th and 9th, brings the Moonshot Pioneer Pitch! This very exciting entrepreneurial kickstart is an ideal way to improve on your current small business or help you begin working on getting your excellent idea off the ground. Though by the time this article is released, it will be too late to add your pitch submission, it is NOT too late, to attend the numerous workshops to be held both Friday and Saturday. These are FREE to ALL, you simply need to sign up. More information can be found on the @WhyNotWinslow Facebook Page, or at

Presentations will be from 10 to 4 on both days, at both the Girl Scout House and the Winslow Visitor Center. You can expect to hear in depth education on a variety of much needed business platforms. Data for instance; how you can leverage to facilitate business growth, increase your SEO (what is this you ask? Attend the workshops and find out!). Workforce Development will be on hand to teach you how this Arizona wide entity, can help small businesses, just as much as large. What are the Five C’s of Credit? How can they help you apply for funding? Entrepreneurial Leadership, why it is so important in rural communities and why YOU should be paying attention. Branding, Marketing, Finances = all incredibly important, and all FREE to anyone, not just those in Winslow, but ANYONE. Overcoming Diversity – if a convicted convict can become a self-made millionaire with over 13 businesses, YOU CAN TOO!

None of these programs could happen without the sponsorship dollars of APS, NACET Center, City of Winslow, REAL AZ, Flip Arizona, Nackard Pepsi, and our generous presenters and volunteers. We want to see economic vibrancy in #RuralArizona by providing the tools and inspiration you need.

- Una,

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