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Entrepreneurial HELP


If you have been reading this column over the past few months, you know I am

passionate about ensuring small businesses have all the tools they need to succeed. Entrepreneurs are a large part of the economy in rural communities and are a lifeline for hundreds of regional families, from selling jam at the farmers market, to selling cars at the local dealership.

We have several superb entities in Arizona to help you grow your business, start your business, or even encourage you to expand on your entrepreneurial ideas. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to know who to contact for what, as well as how to access education during the limited time you have, and how to find free or inexpensive options to expand your knowledge of everything from creating a business plan, to locating funding and hiring help.

This coming June 28th at 3pm, join us at the Winslow Chamber of Commerce, where we will have a roundtable discussion with several helpful entities, in and around Winslow and Northern Arizona. This is a FREE event, but you need to sign up in advance, so we know how many will be attending. You can choose to find the event through the Facebook page @WhyNotWinslow = Entrepreneurial Help …or you can go directly to Eventbrite and search for Winslow events (Entrepreneurial HELP), to register.

We have blocked off 2 full hours, to provide a proper introduction and short background on the services each entity provides, as well as a follow up roundtable, to answer your most pressing questions. Who will be in attendance you ask? Representation from the Arizona Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Navajo County, Northland Pioneer College, Prestamos CDFI, Kiva Loans, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the City of Winslow and AZ Workforce Development. There is no reason you as a potential business owner, should struggle with finding services to help you open or expand your idea; from opening a dentist office to building furniture. Any and all ideas are good ideas. Remember to follow both Facebook and Instagram @WhyNotWinslow for plenty of posts monthly on other classes, programs, seminars both in person and via zoom, to facilitate your ideas and questions.

- Una,

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