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Development Activity


Housing, jobs, education = these are all aspects of a vibrant economy, they are also challenges, our rural communities have been facing for years. Winslow and Holbrook have been historically neglected during discussions of funding for infrastructure and development; there are a number of reasons why, and not one person is to blame. Sadly, this crisis is one felt in rural towns across America. Luckily that dynamic is changing in our neck of the woods. Professionals are deciding that small towns may offer more than big city life. Why have a commute time of several hours a day when you can open your own business within walking distance of your home; allowing for greater family time and more quality “me” time.

Winslow has long been a great destination, but because of our decertified levee, new homes and businesses have been few and far between. This past year has brought about several changes which are already making a large impact. We now have a new President at NPC who is determined to make a positive impact on education in the region. Navajo County has received funding to repair our levee, which will not only bring jobs over the next 5 years but will also change the dynamic of insurance costs and building requirements. There are also a handful of engaged and willing development partners who want to work with our communities for the greater good, bringing a variety of housing options, workforce solutions, and education to retain the interest of our students to stay in town and work for living wage incomes. Our entrepreneurs will be positively affected as well. Visitors will stay longer, spending money at local shops and eateries. There will be new opportunities for those inclined to expand their current ideas or grow their businesses. Individuals with trade skills will have plenty of growth potential as well. Are you a welder? An electrician? Great! New RFP’s will be consistent within the City of Winslow as well as other communities as our growth continues, and we seek experts to fill short term assignments.

This is a very exciting time to be in Northern Arizona, especially for those who are seeking to learn and prosper. Remember, “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform” – Roy T. Bennett

For those interested in learning more about new developments coming our way, there will be two meetings in September. One from 10 to Noon at La Posada on the 13th, the other from 6 to 8 pm at the PAC at the Winslow High School – be sure to stay tuned to @WhyNotWinslow on FB for updates.

- Una,

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