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Customer Service

PROFFESIONALISM | PATIENCE | PEOPLE -FIRST …these are the benchmarks of high quality, customer service.

These functions are not only vital to our small business community, but equally so in large corporations. How many times have you been challenged with one horror or another in an unfulfilled online order, and struggled to actually get a person to remedy the situation? Our recent global pandemic has shifted the worlds buying habits as well as made it that much more apparent that Customer Service, is essential if your business is going to survive.

I don’t think we talk enough about our locally owned shops who go above and beyond. It’s tough being an entrepreneur, made more difficult when you are in a rural community, have employees and perhaps several locations to juggle.

Winslow Ford is one such location. Under new ownership, this team goes above and beyond with making YOU, the customer, number one. Ben Harris and his family recently purchased this location, they also own the Chevy dealership in Flagstaff, where I am going to guess, customer service is also a high priority. Another local favorite with exceptional service is La Posada. Allan Affeldt has done an incredible job with hiring folks like Kristi Ulibarri the General Manager, who ensures her staff is warm and inviting, guaranteeing that our numerous visitors, depart with memories to last a lifetime. Lori Law who owns the Motor Palace Mercantile is another, who exudes not only a passion for Winslow, but of her locally curated items for sale, which are a hit with locals as well as those visiting from across the globe. One may not think about your local library as needing quality customer service skills, but I will give kudos to the Winslow location and Brandee’s staff, for their congenial and comprehensive services. Not only does our library hand out educational tools to increase your knowledge, but they also provide entertainment through reading, add in a plethora of additional activities like art classes and teaching folks how to line dance. These opportunities are year-round and usually free. Their smiles and whit are contagious, adding to the warmth which exceptional customer service embodies.

- Una,

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