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Com-mu-ni-ty | \ kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ ... a unified body of individuals; such as, people with common interests living in a particular area. This is of course the proper definition of community, but what makes community? What is it about your neighborhood or town, which provides a sense of security, peace of mind, happiness? What do you participate in, or choose not to, which allows for your greater well-being? A sense of belonging or interpersonal connections are key factors to a community’s success, how do these concepts fall into common objectives and shared interests where you live?

According to many, there are 7 key components of a strong community: Passion, Vision, Leadership, Tribesmen, Content, Gathering Places, Trust. The word itself, has a strange power to convey a sense of togetherness and positivity. It speaks both of solidarity and homeliness as well as provides a group of people the ability to share an identity-forming narrative. There are numerous ways you can manifest community in your town, neighborhood, or region. Community is a helpful concept for understanding and creating social change. What are you doing currently to lend your voice to this narrative? Are you a business owner who participates with your local chamber of commerce? Perhaps you have a child in school or maybe even sit on the school board. Do you go to events or shop local? Maybe you attend a particular church or belong to a quilting club – the point being, all these interactions, as well as others, create and expand on the concept of community and the ability to share stories which reflect our shared experiences.

However, you are choosing to take part within our rural communities, it is appreciated. Communication and participation are key to thriving regions, those areas with engagement and interaction tend to be the ones with economic vitality. Working collectively towards common goals and visions is imperative to embracing new ideas rather than being siloed into a world without interaction and positive change.

- Una,

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