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Change is Hard


Development and growth. What do you think when you hear these words? Communities need both to support their citizens and municipality. All too often, rural towns, especially, get caught up in doing the same thing over and over again – because they do not have the tools or knowledge to change this dynamic. Anyone who takes initiative to have an event, or form a group, or open a shop, is the leader of the pack; but sadly, in many cases these individuals do not exist, or they end up taking so much control, without being checked with policy or the bigger picture of strategic planning, that more harm is caused than good. Change is hard, adulting can be fraught with unknowns and big, historical decisions, causing stress and doubt.

Rural regions are always the last to receive funding, the last to be looked at for educational resources and entrepreneurial health. They usually do not have the capacity to hire individuals who have the knowledge and access to programs found in urban settings. Being constantly overlooked, becomes the norm, so when Development and Change come around, it can ruffle some feathers. “We have always done it this way, why does it need to change?”

There are a lot of exciting developments happening in our region right now, and yes, some of them will be difficult to accept at first. These potential transitions will definitely cause a transformation in our community, which may affect YOU. I am hoping you will be open to new ideas, new businesses, new structuring = all of which will create jobs, educational opportunities, and income to build infrastructure and provide additional funding to offer more services to our citizens.

Soon, we will have expanded educational services, mental health facilities, manufacturing jobs, housing options, event planning, grant availability, greener parks, updated communication, access to shopping, all while keeping our rural hometown feel. Capturing tourism dollars, encouraging industry, providing more transparency, embracing arts and culture while working more collaboratively in the region.

We would LOVE to hear from you and any time you might have to volunteer for any number of possibilities during this Renaissance – be sure to stay tuned to @WhyNotWinslow for updates, introductions, jobs, events, learning seminars and more.

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