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There is a LOT going on in Winslow. All very exciting, all important catalysts for much needed change for positive growth in Northeastern Arizona.

Did you know, back in 2008 when FEMA decertified the Winslow Levee, it placed 85% of our community into a flood zone. This equals 3000 homes who suddenly had to begin paying an average of $150 per month for flood insurance = this comes out to $6million per year. Spectacular sunsets and near perfect year round weather, didn't matter to many people, who after awhile, simply abandoned their properties and left town. These fees along with the onset of the Great Recession, made life too difficult in an already grossly overlooked region. Developers too stayed away, as the FEMA flood zone requirements simply made doing business too difficult. Over the past few decades these situations have exacerbated our cities abandoned and neglected properties, bringing us to where we are today.


Sixteen years later, welcome to the first half of 2022! Last year, over 830,000 tourists visited the Entertainment District in our Historic Downtown. WOW !...So many amazing opportunities are knocking on our door on a daily basis, including the newly announced funding for the repair of the Winslow Levee. We have now met with the Army Corps of Engineers and have had numerous visits from elected officials such as Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Congressman Tom O'Halleran, as well as Coral Evans from Senator Kelly's office. All on board to ensure this massive project can be completed in a timely manner with our Navajo County Partners.

Our region also had the honor of hosting our National Secretary of Energy in a round table, which Vice Mayor Samantha Crisp was invited to speak at, just a week or so back. Additionally, early in April, the Moonshot Pioneer Pitch Awards took place at La Posada. Not only was our community inundated with incredible speakers, we also now have three amazing local entrepreneurs leading the way to job creation with a "get it done" mentality, igniting the way for others to begin the process of small business development. I was able to attend the AAED Spring Conference in Tucson, bringing back plenty of ideas to help leverage funding for the most effective economic impact in our region. Also very exciting, APS had an official opening of our newly built electric stations, located at the Winslow Visitor Center, just off Historic Route 66, meaning we can offer those with electric vehicles a reason to stop and stay longer in town.

These past events are great you say - but what about upcoming options ? I encourage everyone to follow @WhyNotWinslow on both Facebook and Instagram for lots of updates on all types of events, also with development ideas and ways you can become involved with the amazing transformations happening in the area. Remember too, a community calendar can be found HERE with all of our local events up to date to help you plan your activities long in advance.


This weekend is the 50th anniversary of "Take It Easy"

Saturday the 30th

will be chock full of Art, Music, and Celebrations for the entire family.

Also, if you are looking for a job,

there is a career fair at the Winslow Chamber from 12- 4.


Sunday, May 1st, is the day everyone has been waiting for ....

the airing of HGTV's

Hometown Kickstart, Winslow edition!

Join the Watch Party at the Winslow Theatre beginning at 4pm


Are you a business owner with a minimum of 3- W2 employees?

This event is for YOU.

Learn how you can get back dollars which were set aside during COVID.

We have a forensic accountant joining us, to go over in detail, how to access funds which have been available, but have had so many changes to the application process, most business owners have not had a pathway to access.

This event is F R E E

Please sign up in advance HERE

May 4th @ 2pm

Winslow Chamber of Commerce


Local First is bringing Winslow and the region,

the Rural Business Academy - Digital Marketing Edition.

This six week course will be virtual,

but geared to the challenges of rural entrepreneurs.

The cost is $99

and will be well worth the hour a week you spend

with experts to help you bring your business up to speed

to garner new clients and increase income.

The course begins in June and you can sign up HERE


Lastly, don't forget,

as we head into what is expected to be a crazy busy summer season,

there are heaps of adventures in and around Winslow.

Many of which are within a two hour drive,

making Northeastern Arizona a prime base camp location

for days, weeks, months of adventure.

The Mother Road Farmer's Market will open on

May 7th, and every Saturday through the end of September;

there will be Rodeo's and Pow Wow's and Music and Star Gazing

and so much more, all summer long!

New businesses are opening,

housing is being constructed,

manufacturing facilities are being planned,

it is a very exciting time.

We can't wait to see you!

- Una

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