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Asteroid Day


So many things to see and do in the American Southwest, specifically here in Northern Arizona, including the upcoming Asteroid Day! June 30th brings this “big impact” event, a collaboration between the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff and the Barringer Space Museum & Meteor Crater located just west of Winslow at exit 233 off interstate 40.

Beginning at 8 am, you can walk the circumference of the crater! Bring your hiking shoes, slather on the sunscreen, wear your sunglasses, and plan on three and a half hours with a guided tour, which is sure to be filled with incredible stories about asteroids and their role in the formation of our solar system. There will also be face painting, science demo, food trucks, art performances, and local authors on site during the day. Winslow Mayor Roberta Cano will be signing an official proclamation early in the afternoon as well. Then head over to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, where more food trucks, Mother Road Brewery and researchers will fill your stomachs and minds with a plethora of tidbits for your body and brain.

Did you know Lowell researchers work with NASA to defend our planet from potentially threatening asteroids and other space objects? Learn more about this as well as conversations around the discovery and study of Asteroids, Astronomy and Planetary Science – all scintillating stuff! Asteroid Day is observed annually on June 30th to mark the date of Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event, in 1908 which flattened close to 500,000 acres! By educating the public about the importance of asteroids, their impact on space resources and the importance of defending the planet from future impacts, Asteroid Day will hopefully inspire the youth of today to be scientists of tomorrow.

End the evening with a telescope viewing and a special meet an Astronomer event at Lowell Observatory. Too much fun! Tickets can be found at

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